Bit O Sense river  catfishing tip
keep your bait off the bottom
.Use a float or use a breakaway
bottom rigger sinker. Set the
leader and hook 1 to 2 feet up
the line from bottom Use a 3
way swivel With 6 pound test on
the sinker line to bottom (you
can cast the rig and if the
sinker gets stuck the 6 pound
line will break so you can fight
the cat). Use 30 pound test for
the leader on the middle swivel
to your hook .Then use 20
pound or more pound test for
your main line. Keep your line
tight and set your clicker. Or if
using circle hooks just set your
drag to give some but hold
about 5 pounds of weight. The
catfish will set the hook himself.
Look out Jimmy  
You fish kissers
have new
Ohio Catfishing, Reports For lakes rivers and my awesome Ohio River HONEY HOLES,
Planer bobbers work super
in rivers you can fish just
like your in a boat because
the current will take the
board and your bait way
out in the river . Then you
can drift down to almost
any spot and close the bail
and off it goes again  back
out in the river and up
stream. Its awesome.  
Make a Planing Bobber and
start catching fish .
Ohio River Dam
Info Area lakes  
maps & more
CATFISHING - Alum Creek Report .
CATFISHING  area Rivers and lakes            
  In Central Ohio.
Catkillers Catfish Report               
Where to go and how to catch the catfish in that location
This fish was caught from alum creek in
2006 summer time
#1 Pick
for big
What Baits to use .  Fresh shad is the first choice for catfishing Or cut chubs -gold fish-
frozen smelt. Second is winter killed shad they float up on the windward side of the bays
,you can just pick them up and cut in half and fish the head with guts hanging out. Then other
baits  for catfishing would be nightcrawlers then chicken liver.
Catch catfish now - Hoover's feeder river  has awesome catfishing take sunbury rd to galena .As soon as you cross the river
there is a light turn left .Parking is on the left along the river it is a state park .walk down the trail along the river .Not far down the trail
there is a bend in the river .thats the spot . then there is a bend just past that one both are great fishing spots. I fish them from a boat
only at night and float shad down to the edies from the bends.
 These spots can be fished from the shore . Expect catfish
around 3 to 5 pounds some to 10 pounds good luck. Try a planer bobber to fish this spot from shore it will float your
bait right out away from the bank set your bait 2 to 3 feet down .
Catch catfish right now- Delaware lake's feeder river the olentangy river. Horseshoe rd to route #229 turn left go to bridge park
and walk to the bend to the north this is the second bend up from the main lake.  just past the old washed out bridge  .  
Expect catfish around 2 to 5 pounds- drift baits 2 to 3 feet down . Try a ballon or planer bobber .
Father and son team
Daniel & Vincent Score a
channel cat on one of our
night trips
Yes we fished Dillon lake too-It's shallow warms quickly with it's muddy water a good catfishing lake.
Neat place unlimited horse power nice- underfished nicer man. A large lake With a cool tunnel to drive your boat
through-- that bay other side of tunnel will hold some cats early. The Big catfish are deep along the old river
channel along the beach side . They will come out of the channel on the flat near the channel  to feed Flat head
and Channel catfish . We have drifted that spot with a good catches. The bites all seemed to come from the beach
side but a long way from the beach towards the dam. The crew set the baits 6 to 7 feet down . The bottom was only
7 to 12 feet deep the lake is shallow. deep water there is like 20 feet. The beach is awesome take your boat right
up to the beach not a lot of people big nice camp ground.
Alum Creek catfishing Fish the upper end near Hogback rd . Thats where the river feeds
the lake . The best fishing starts about 200 yards south of hogback rd and goes all the way to the
bend  Look for shallow flats in the 3 to 8 foot depth with stumps There is some standing timber.
Drift your baits with 20 pound test and med action rods - like long surf rods 9 foot on the out side
mixed with 7 footers in the middle of the boat. Expect to get broke off by big channel cats that
find a stump or make it back to the old river channel
( Don't go under matched Gear up for big
.You"ll  find 4 to 6 pound channel cats norm. Some well over 25 pounds for a lucky few -  
hang on.  
Use fresh shad for bait  and at this spot The bigger the bait the better. Use
shad the size of your hand or larger.  Yes small baits will still get cats too.
Hoover Reservoir has super catfishing       Fish the upper end North east side put in at the boat ramp at the top of
sunbury rd just before the bridge goes over the lake to galena . Fish below where the river feeds the lake .Look for shallow mud flats in
the 3 to 8 foot depth with stumps there are standing trees with bird droppings .This area is some distance from the river that feeds the
lake. Big Catfish will be on the shallow flats . This lake has low pressure Because of a 10 hp limit on out boards. This lake is full of big
catfish. Expect 6 to 10 pound cats the norm .Some will be much larger 15 to 20 pound channel catfish  
 Use fresh shad for bait
Get your bait and tackle at  Old Dutchman bait and tackle @ 904 south
Sunbury rd  its just south of the dam on the east side or the road call them
@ 891-2653 and see what they are catching at Hoover
Delaware Reservoir catfishing  Fish the north side of the bay at the end of Cole rd fish the other side not the Cole rd side Fish
about 200 yards from the mouth of the bay there is a bend in the bank thats the spot to start .Drift baits all through this area its
shallow about 2 to 3 feet deep the bottom is mud with some stumps there are plenty of big cats on this mud flat.. The old river
channel is a few yards off the bank on the north side the fish come out of the lake and travel up the old creek channel then they find
warm water on the flats and eat winter killed shad that litter the bottom. Also fish the river there at the first bend east of the washed
out bridge at the end of Cole rd - its off horse shoe rd .
Fish the inside bend not the rock face side .Fish the low mud bank side
.There is a shelf just beyond the fallen trees thats a swirl eddy. Big cats feed there on the shelf .Most cats are 3 to 5 pounds if you
use a float anchor beyond the fallen trees and float your bait down to the eddy and let it circle it wont last long.
This area can also
be fished from the shore
its a high  rock and mud bank on the south side you can fish it from your car. Cast to the inside bend
.Use stout gear to get the fish up the bank.
Some fish on that shelf could go to 20 pounds or more       Use fresh cast netted
shad for bait - night crawlers work in the river if you dont have shad.
Ohio River catfishing Fishing spots -  Easy to get to easy to fish Gallipolis Boat ramp at the south end
of town. Fish south of the boat ramp along the shore line out 10 to 75 feet . Use a float to keep your bait up off
bottom. Catch flatheads and channel cats too some times - but not often you can get a blue cat. Also fish the old
barge pillars at the north end of the parking area. There is a deep scower hole behind the pillar. Nice safe place to
park and  fish at night too. Then there is a dam a couple miles south of town you can catch stripers and skipjacks
big catfish and drum. a good bait spot to catch skipjacks for bait they are about the best bait for all catfish
OHIO RIVER Just North of Gallipolis a few miles is a river the second bend is
awesome for big channel cats  lots of timber and logs at this bend And the best thing
is when the locks open and close the water goes up and down making super feeding
spots for the cats . Use a float it will go in the trees down stream and then it comes
back when the lock closes. the cats go nuts here I found this spot jugging .It's also
the place where
I lost a jug - I watched it go under and it never came back up . Big
flathead ?- who knows -
 This spot can be fished from shore also the river mouth is
a super spot also fishable from shore. the name of the roads is Route #7  runs along
the ohio river and polecat rd also known as HWY #291 starts at the Ohio river. A
super fun spot for big fish.
2 super
2 More
This is a great early
spot I used to fish
this spot in early
spring fish it now
the catfish are in
the warmer creek
north of the second
Drive up catfishing at twin lakes by the
This is easy fish by your car or near by
and safe place to park and fish.
Fish the east
side of the road in the channel that leads to
the bridge that feeds the river. use cut bait or
nightcrawlers.cast way out to the inside bend.

this place gets fished hard but is by stink bait
and stuff like that ..a fresh shad head will take
flatheads and channel catfish day or night.
Located at riverside drive to glick rd drive over
the dam to dublin road go north thats right .
go about a mile or so and you will see lakes on
both sides of the road lots of places to fish too
A Cool little spot lots of
shad to net in the west
lakes but I fish the east
channel side of the river
cast way out to the
inside bend at twin lakes
A Super Place
Downtown Columbus ohio

Greenlawn Dam below the
dam kicks ass man.
eddie pool on the south west
side is awesome.
More fish
than you would belive. The
water is shallow use a bobber
side planner bobber. Fish
it about 1 foot deep. Cast it
to the middle of the eddie
and let it drift or slowly reel it
in and cast again.
Get ready
for big flatheads huge
channel cats drum and other
fish as well.
Use shad or
chicken liver get cut chubs at
the bait store r/r bait on front
street near by.
 Take #315 to
greenlawn exit go east to the
bridge turn left and park by
the dam and fish the eddie
way below the dam about
100 feet away.
lots and lots
of cats day or night  
but at
night they may get a lot
bigger flatheads to 50 lbs
have been caught here
---fish on everyone -dont
leave any stuff of value in car
and try to keep a eye out its
not the best neighborhood.
Greenlawn Dam
AW Marion -Hargust lake near Circleville is
a fun place to take the kids or a date.
There are boats to rent like canoes and row
RENTAL TOO. Its a state park lots of
catfishing stocked by the state it has a
small camp ground .COOL ISLANDS TO
Mini planer board build it
yourself. You got to try a
planer board for catfishing
It will catch all the catfish
your missing. see our
castable side planer board
its awesome
Build a side planer Bobber  
These things are red hot .
Easy to make and get your bait
way out to the sides of the boat
where your boat has not passed
over and scared them away also
your boat passes over feeding
catfish sending them out to the
sides of the boat right to the
plaining bobber. They are easy
to make and you can cast them  
75 feet or more. They work
magic in rivers too. You got to
see and build one of these .
Photos and building instructions
See over 100 Catfishing web sites
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this site Just click the top 100 catfishing
Catfishing, Bluecat , channels or channel catfish and  flatheads. Channel cat will feed on cut bait so do Bluecat or
flathead there's catfishing,on lakes and rivers, planer bobbers,  catfishing info, get a planer bobber for
catfishing,big or little catfish .

Catfishing ,use cut shad with a planer bobber,

Catfishing, smaller Blues don't lay around in holes or areas waiting for a bait to come to them  they go in schools
some times they  suspended -catfishing suspended bluecats use a planer bobber,
Catfishing baits,tips for big Catfish,

Large bluecat don't get large by being bold and unafraid -use a planer bobber when bluecat fishing.

Catfishing, lakes are good places to catfish with planer bobbers.

Catfishing dams,catch catfish below dams with planer bobbers catfish dont stand a chance catfishing,with planer

Catfishing,  river fishing for catfish,use a planer bobber for river catfishing

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catfishing info, catch more catfish with planer bobbers

Catfishing,from river banks is awesome with planer bobbers

Catfishing, Structure is always a good place to find catfish start looking for catfish with your depth finder .Good
catfishing,holes will be found around drop offs

catfish fishing catfishing info, big planer bobber catfishing information ,catfishing lakes with planer bobbers

Blues, Channels, & Flatheadfeed mostly at night locate catfish during the day in winter as well .... the  catfishfish will
be deep most likely or on the shaded side of rock bluffs or ledges. At night they'll move out of their holes onto flats
to feed.
planer bobber: Catfishing, Catfishing

catfishing info, catfishing information Use trolling motor and fish finder around structure like sunken trees to locate
fish and when it gets really cold check deep water with your fish finder to locate cats.
Flathead Bait try bullheads.
ohio is a great catfishing state
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