Baker's Taekwondo Center
Baker's Taekwondo Center                 
     Head Instructor Greg Baker                     
994 South Sunbury rd  Westerville Ohio            
( 614 ) -865 - 8721
Ohio Bitosense
atfishing - Boating
and cool do it yourself
Children and Adults $75 per month  
    Learn from the best
Call us
to day
See more School info
click this link
Special $ 99  Includes
uniform and your First
months fee.
Hong Kong Fooey says to Check out
our other links below  because  you
have got to see the WindSurfing and
other stuff like Aric Skateboarding in
the links below - Also See Aric about
Windsurfing lessons and Skateboarding
A great web site called we got surf
Windsurfing Videos
Skateboarding - Surfing  
    click this link
Check Out Free WindSurfing video
Surfing Videos. Watch Land toy Sailing on
land toys. Lots of fun things to do                  
You have got to see this cool
stuff....Wave Sailing,
See Aric skateboard
Belt Test Photos from Saturday March 10 th 2007 --   You
could see your picture ? Click the link below to find out if
our camera got you on the web.
Belt test and photo page
click this link
New Photos
March 2007
click this link
See more cool
photos Click this
link **** all new
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