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. Trust me this is the way to bigger CRAPPIE.
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Catch shad for crappie fishing
with your cast net.  Use a bobber
to keep the bait off the bottom
and moving.
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Crappie fishing with our new Crappie Planer bobber gets your bait or lure out away from the boat where the big
crappie wait  see our hybrid planer bobber its like a planer board but smaller and way better planer Board Crappie
fishing has been catching a lot of big crappies and you can use this planer bobber to catch more and bigger crappies
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Crappie, awesome new planer Crappie fishing for crappie the worlds greatest castable planer bobber crappie
site  The boat is ready
and we will post our first Crappie results in a few days for the new season   Big crappie bait should be no
problem with my new cast
net   I can't wait to try it out    Hope the first cast is full of shad  like a foot long                                                   
The biggest crappie of the year will be caught in shallow water now   They are fat and full of worms and
winter killed minnows   Crappie will
be best in the north east sides of most any water at this time of year  The bait is in the warmer water and the
big crappie will be there
chasing and eating shad too                                                                                                                               
                         Let us know if you fish any of the fishing spots that we list here on our Crappie site     Bring a
camera the spots we
list are real good spots to get a huge crappie   Send us a picture of your big crappie and we will put it up on
the site asap    I fish them all
from time to time catching big crappie  blue catfish and big flathead catfish    The blue catfish come from the
Ohio river                       
                                                                           I'll be posting reports on our Ohio river trips too  as well as
more Ohio river honey holes for crappie    
You might see the Catkiller drifting or trolling for crappie at any of these spots because they are awesome
crappie holes and hold big
catfish for sure    GOOD Crappie spots for bank fishing for big catfish is listed on this site too    We list some
easy to fish crappie
spots some are so easy and close you can fish from your car and get huge catfish    So no boat no problem
catch some fish                            
                                                                                 Ohio state parks have row boats and canoes that they
rent for a low fee like     Hargust
lake in central Ohio also known as a w marion lots of crappies there Check to see the state parks that have
boat rentals    THERE IS A LINK FOR OHIO PAY
LAKES HERE TOO                                                                                                                                              
Try a planer bobber for crappie    They are easy to make and catch a lot of crappie you would miss too    
The castable side planing
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A castable side planer board
that will pull a big bait and weight     Most nights the side planer takes most of our big catfish  and crappie       
                                                 Crappie bait has a link on this page too     Get free bait for fishing with some
simple tricks   Cast net
use is covered too    Get the best fresh baits for crappie  catch big cat fish and see side planer board fishing  
lets go crappie and
catch a mess of fish with castable planer bobbers good fishing can be found at the Ohio River  The Ohio
River has plenty good Crappie
spots to bank fish for crappie or put in at one of the boat ramps crappie in lakes and rivers and creeks is
good with planer bobbers and
cut shad or cubs fished 3 to 6 feet down in current near deep water see and buy a cast-able planer bobber  
cool bobber that goes places  
learn Crappie for  channel catfish and  blue crappie tricks and tips for bull head crappie how to catch
flathead catfish how to jug
fish for more and bigger crappie catch  white crappie with crappie tips crappie big Rivers and lakes crappie
more bank and shore
fishing spots crappie pictures better crappie with planer bobbers
crappie pictures  kids crappie pictures  ohio crappie pictures  ohio crappie  ohio river crappie fishing  santee
cooper crappie  james
river crappie just more cool ways to catch big catfish like blue cats and flatheads
crappie planer bobber crappie bobber crappie creeks  crappie lake  crappie bank and  crappieg from  shore
crappie at  pay
lake crappie  links to more crappie. Black crappie chase planer bobbers down.catch more crappie with new
planer bobbers at night. Night fishing for crappie.
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Both species of crappie as adults feed predominantly on smaller species,
including the young of their own predators (which include the northern pike,
muskellunge, and walleye). They have diverse diets, however, including
zooplankton, insects, and crustaceans. By day, crappie tend to be less active
and to concentrate around weed beds or submerged objects, such as logs and
boulders; they feed especially at dawn and dusk, moving then into open water or
approaching the shore.
The Pomoxis species are highly regarded game fishes and are often
considered to be among the best tasting freshwater fish. Because of their
diverse diets, crappie may be caught in many ways, including casting light jigs,
trolling planer bobbers with minnows or artificial lures, using small spinnerbaits,
or using bobbers. Crappie are also popular with ice-fishers, as they are active in

The genus name Pomoxis derives from the Greek πώμα (cover, plug,
operculum) and οξύς (sharp). The common name (also spelled croppie or
crappé), derives from the Canadian French crapet, which refers to many
different fishes of the family Centrarchidae. Note that the plural form of the name,
crappies, tends not to be used, by analogy with fishes, except to refer to types of
crappie. Other names for crappies are papermouths, calico bass, strawberry
bass, white perch, specks, speckled perch, sac-a-lait (in southern Louisiana),
rock bass and Oswego bass. Crappie are tasty and lots are out there to catch
with planer bobbers.
Crappie is popular throughout much of North America. Methods vary, but among
the most popular is called planer bobber trolling for crappie a method
characterized by a fisherman in a boat with many long fishing rods pointing away
from the angler at various angles like spokes from a wheel. Anglers who employ
the planer bobber Rigging method may choose from among many popular baits.
Some of the most popular are plastic jigs with lead jig heads, crankbaits or live
minnows. Anglers love crappies. Though the walleye is the state fish, crappies
and bluegills are caught most often. Crappies bite readily and produce sweet-
tasting fillets. There are actually two types of crappies: the black and the white.
They are tough to tell apart. Both travel in schools and feed on small fish and
aquatic insects. If you catch a crappie, it's most likely a black crappie, which is
the more widely distributed of the two species, occurring in most lakes
throughout the state. The black crappie prefers deeper, cooler, clearer water
than the white crappie does.Crappie fishing with planer bobbers is catching on.
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How to Troll for Crappie with planer bobbers.
Trolling for crappie is one of the very best and easiest ways to
catch these tasty fish all year long. A few simple steps can be
easily modified for any lake where crappie live.
Determine the depth the crappie are using. You can do this by looking at your depth finder as you
crappie fish zig-zag slowly along. Crappie hang out in schools and crappie will appear as Christmas Tree
shapes or lots of streaks of crappie.
Jigs and grubs are ideal for trolling with planer bobbers. They are  easy to rig up, and the tails make
good swimming movements in the water. Start by tying two 1/16-ounce jigs to your line, about eighteen
inches apart.  
Jigs and grubs are ideal crappie lures for planer bobbers.
Most people like to use a different color grub on each CRAPPIE jig, and experiment until they discover what
the crappie like best that day. Good colors to start with include chartreuse, green, black/green/blue, and
Get the boat moving at about .8 to 1.0 miles per hour.
Cast your planer bobber and  jig and grub set-up out and let out about 35 feet of line, then close the bail.
Put the rod in a rod holder or at least set it down and secure it so it can't be pulled out of the boat.
Watch the rod. If the tip starts to twitch hard or the rod bends, pick up the rod and start reeling.
Crappie aren't called "papermouths" for nothing. Don't horse the fish and use a net if it's a big one.
If you aren't catching fish, you are probably fishing too deep. Crappie feed up, so it's better to be too shallow
than too deep.
Using Planer Bobbers For Crappie

Using planer Bobbers for other types of fish is not a new tactic but is relatively new in the arena of
crappie fishing. For years, Northern anglers pursued steelhead, salmon and lake trout with planer
Bobbers under various trolling tactics. Saltwater anglers also have used planer Bobbers to provide
spread to their  trolling baits.  The fishing line is attached to the planer Bobber by means of a tube
release. The purpose is to move baits out away from the boat to prevent spooking wary fish that are
reluctant to feed in the motor wake.

Planer bobbers in freshwater applications evolved into modern planer bobbers that attach directly to the
fishing line. This enables the angler to run more than one board on each side of the boat.

Planer bobbers are constructed with a snap swivel to allow the board to break away and not provide
additional resistance while fighting the fish, but still remain on the line.

There are several benefits of using planer bobbers in place of or in addition to conventional trolling.
First, planer bobbers allow a more precise presentation of bait, live or artificial, in areas where stumps
trees or rocks  would not permit a boat mucharea to troll. Like when crappie are holding  in front of a row
of boat docks. Running a line of planer bobbers up tight to the boat docks allows a pinpoint presentation
while you run the boat several yards out in front of the docks. It’s much easier to position the planer
bobbers to run parallel to a boat dock or wall rather than maneuver the entire boat.

Heres a great tactic to troll a crankbait or jig over a drop-off in clear water without the boat spooking
fish.” ues a planer bobber.

A planer board helps the angler to set a more precise depth to troll baits out away from the boat. It’s a
good idea to be familiar with the depth of water the fish are holding in when using planer boards. Set the
amount of line out to allow the bait to swim through the strike zone along the entire trolling run.
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Crappies are the best fish to catch on planer bobbers,  The meat is pure white and is firm and full .
Crappies are a tasty panfish, similar to bluegill and sunfish.  local fishermen called crappie, slabs.
They are considered a panfish crappie can be caught with planer bobbers and minnows.

Crappies are 'fun to troll for with planer bobbers and crappies and quick to take your rod down. ,'
Crappies are full of energy and big crappies   can make a  fishing rod bend and crappies will pull
drag .  Crappies are such a great fish to catch with planer bobbers.

Crappies come in two types or varieties, there are black crappies and white crappies. Crappies are
where you find them. Crappies live  in  ponds, lakes and streams.  Crappie fishing can also be fast
as big crappies eat lures fished with planer bobbers . Crappie look similar in size ,shape and taste.
except they are a lot more silver colored, with black spots, and they have upturned noses. Crappies
are fun to crappie fish for,
Crappies can be caught year around big crappies too. In  spring and fall months they move near
the shore areas, and in the summer crappies move out in more deeper and cooler water where
crappie fishing is fun . Crappie are most active in the early spring and crappie fishing is best
.Crappies fill your stringer in a short time in the spring . Crappie nests look like hollowed out
depressions or dishes in the mud or gravel . Crappie in beds are easy to get.

Crappie fishing in summer crappie hang around stumps, trees. trolling and Casting planer bobbers  
often be very productive for catching a mess of crappie.

Crappies? To catch crappies during the daytime use planer bobbers,  Crappies like minnows so
while crappie fishing live baits there is no better choice than a small minnow. Crappie fishing and
you  don't have live minnows,  use jigs or any such lure that looks as realistic to a crappie  as
possible to a  minnow. Crappie fishing in our ponds with planer bobber is awesome.
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