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Giant FLATHEAD catfish tips on bait, rigs, and techniques to help you catch hugeFLATHEAD CATFISH channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish.
catfishing, awesome hybrid planer bobber fishing for flathead catfish. the worlds greatest castable planer bobber flathead catfishing site .The boat is ready and we will post
our first Catfishing results in a few days for the new  season Big flathead catfishing bait should be no problem with my new cast net   I can't wait to try it out    Hope the first
cast is full of shad  like a foot long                                                                                                                       The biggest catfish of the year will be caught in shallow water now   They are
fat and full of worms and winter killed shad    flathead Catfishing will be best in the north east sides of most any water at this time of year  The bait is in the warmer water and
the big catfish will be there chasing and eating shad too                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                      Let us know if you fish any of the fishing spots that we list here on our flathead Catfishing site     Bring a camera the spots we list are real good spots to get a huge
 Send us a picture of your big catfish and we will put it up on the site asap    I fish them all from time to time catching big channel catfish  blue catfish and big flathead
catfish    The blue catfish come from the Ohio river                                                                                                                 
I'll be posting reports on our Ohio river trips too  as well as more
Ohio river honey holes    You might see the Catkiller drifting or trolling for catfish at any of these spots because they are awesome catfishing holes and hold big catfish for sure
Catfishing spots for bank fishing for big catfish is listed on this site too    We list some easy to fish catfishing spots some are so easy and close you can fish from your
car and get huge catfish    
So no boat no problem catch some fish                                                                                                                            Ohio state parks have row boats and
canoes that they rent for a low fee like     Hargust lake in central Ohio also known as a w marion Check to see the state parks that have boat rentals    THERE IS A LINK FOR
OHIO PAY LAKES HERE TOO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
    Try a planer bobber for
 They are easy to make and catch a lot of flathead catfish you would miss too    The castable side planing bobber is on a link on this page    catfishing,use a planer
bobber    A castable side planer board that will pull a big bait and weight     Most nights the side planer takes most of our big catfish                                                                                    
                                                                Flathead  Catfishing bait has a link on this page too     Get free bait for fishing with some simple tricks   Cast net use is covered too    Get the
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- This is the most deadly catfishing planer
bobber trick for river current.
Find a ledge on top of the main channel in a bend of the
river. This works on the inside and out side bends too.I found a ledge it was 22 feet
deep and 10 feet wide -it was about 25 feet from the bank -the shore was shale and
rock steeply slanting into the water-the deep end of the drop off was shear wall that fell
in 35 feet of water- the flat was 25 or 35 feet long when I scoped it out on my depth
finder I saw a stair step ledge with lots of arches and bait-I anchored up stream and
sent the planer bobber to do its duty and man it did. I caught flatheads off the deep
ledge with a planer bobber set to go left and nailed channel cats at the same time near
the bank with a right side planer set-I used a planer bobber set to the left side to wale
on flatheads that were feeding on the drop off-I would work the drop off of the ledge
with the planer by letting out line and then stoping the bail closed ,pull forward with my
rod and let drift back till it came tight again then I pulled it forward as far as my rod tip
would go and drift back again-
This was flatheads eating cut bait yep. I fished that
ledge till I ran out of bait- and was able to fish it with out recasting simply by using my
pole and bail to send the planer all over the place- starting at the head of the ledge
working to the inner wall on the down drift and stoping the line the planer would swing
out over the ledge and the drop off zig zaging over the whole area till it past the catfish
fish zone -If no takers I just slowly reeled up to the top of the catfishing hole and started
over-I reeled up slowly and got a few catfish on the trip up to the top too-