Wind driven Jugs  Have a few kind of different CATFISHING Jugs to use in windy conditions. Juice Jugs
are taller and have more wind resistance .Anti Freeze Jugs are even flatter  (they move the slowest ). Wind
shield washer jugs have the highest profile and will move the fastest.
The secrete is to keep then moving
slowly. Add some water
or use other sizes to keep them moving slowly along. If they move to fast you won't
catch much.  A good rule is keep their speed to less than 1 mile per hour. A half mile per hour is good.
Jug those log jams and fallen trees in rivers and lakes. Just set your baited
jug at the end (deep water side) of the jam or tree .Put it just in the first
couple feet of branches at the end .The catfish will pull it out every time. I
have never yet had a catfish take the jug into the jam or farther in the trees.
They all always run out to deeper water. My guess is there are more cats in
the tree that your jug fed cat don't wish to share his find with so they run
out of the trees. I have had cats jug hooked and rod hooked that did run for
the snag or trees. But they were hooked out of the jam in deeper water.
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Catfishing, all about JugFishing. Its Fast Catfishing
action everyone will enjoy.
checks out a
jug caught
The kids get in on the jugging fun
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Bit O Sense River fact You can Jug fish any River to find active catfish . Set hooks at 3 feet and 4 feet
down . Set a few deeper in deep rivers. I have caught Blue cat Flatheads and Channel Cats on jugs .
Fallow your fleet as they drift down stream. When your Jug starts going and it will. Not only are you
going to have a blast chasing that free floating Jug (It's a lot like Jaws when they chase they shark)
a big Catfish will pull the Jug under water for a short time .
Thats what your are looking for (where
the big catfish feed) and he just told you. Make a note of that spot and fish it later with your rods
.*Note do not wind the line around your hand a big cat will pull so hard your hand can get cut by the
use 1 gallon Jugs thick
ones with a handle to tie
the line use 30 to 50
pound test and at least a
5 .0 hook 6 or 7 if fishing
larger baits .Windshield
washer Jugs work best  
some times. Remember
to put your name and
address on each Jug.
Bit O Sense cat fact
most of my jug fishing
hooks are set at a
depth of 3 to 4 feet
down. This works FOR
with stumps in the 5 to
7 foot depth range
with the river channel
near by. The weight of
the shad head is
enough to keep it down
for the drift.
A jug scores a small
Jugs will give action
even while your bass fishing.
Keep your eye on the fleet     (
thats what I call my Jugs.) Just
bait and toss 5 Jugs and let
them drift                         
Bit O Sense cat fact
When the wind is moving
your Jugs too fast . Take off
the cap and add some water

to weigh the Jug down a little
and slow it's drift speed to a
Catfishing all aboutJug fishing is everything you wanted to know about CATFISHING and jug fishing but did not know
who to ask. Baits and rigs where and when this is fast action and fun for everyone .
A super way to put a lot of
catfish in the boat fast
. It works at night - it works all day guaranteed. IT'S CATFISHING AT IT'S FINEST.
Bit O Sense Cat Fact Jugs can be used to find good fishing spots. All of my best honey holes were found with jugs.
Spread out the fleet  (thats what I call the jugs)over a large area of flats with stumps  or down trees .Keep them in a
area where your can see them.
You will find the best areas this way. And when you find the good spots drift over them
with your rod and float. Soon you will have a milk run of honey holes (spots that you can fish year after year.
I have
found spots that were super in areas that looked like there would be no fish at all.
One is on a straight run with no
timber or cover showing. Under the water were stumps and a river channel near by.
Every boat would just pass it by .
Hey Don't stand up
in the Canoe Dummy
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April 21 - 2007
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Cast Net Tips
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A CAST NET        
see what we catch with planer
bobbers and how we use them      
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see what we catch with planer
bobbers and how we use them      
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fishing and outdoor sites
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web sites link
The Catfishing report  
Central Ohio lakes and
rivers Catfishing hot
spots and honey holes
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castable planer
bobber catfishing
tips and tricks
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catfishing,planer bobber info
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catfishing planer bobber trick for river current.
Find a ledge on top of the main
channel in a bend of the river. This works on the inside and out side bends too.I
found a ledge it was 22 feet deep and 10 feet wide -it was about 25 feet from the
bank -the shore was shale and rock steeply slanting into the water-the deep end of
the drop off was shear wall that fell in 35 feet of water- the flat was 25 or 35 feet
long when I scoped it out on my depth finder I saw a stair step ledge with lots of
arches and bait-I anchored up stream and sent the planer bobber to do its duty
and man it did. I caught flatheads off the deep ledge with a planer bobber set to go
left and nailed channel cats at the same time near the bank with a right side planer
set-I used a planer bobber set to the left side to wale on flatheads that were
feeding on the drop off-I would work the drop off of the ledge with the planer by
letting out line and then stoping the bail closed ,pull forward with my rod and let
drift back till it came tight again then I pulled it forward as far as my rod tip would
go and drift back again-
This was flatheads eating cut bait yep. I fished that
ledge till I ran out of bait- and was able to fish it with out recasting simply by using
my pole and bail to send the planer all over the place- starting at the head of the
ledge working to the inner wall on the down drift and stoping the line the planer
would swing out over the ledge and the drop off zig zaging over the whole area till
it past the catfish fish zone -If no takers I just slowly reeled up to the top of the
catfishing hole and started over-I reeled up slowly and got a few catfish on the trip
up to the top too-
Catfishing,Find them fast- I was a hard core catfish jugger before I started planer
bobber fishing- I almost always found good catfishing spots with my jugs - -Well
planers are a lot like jugs and can move through a area and check for fish better than
jugs because you can control where it goes -the speed the direction stop it start it. I
used to find new holes by drifting jugs through the area -now I use planers to find good
spots by trolling the area -rod goes down theres a spot to fish again- think a spot looks
good and could have catfish? Head over cast or drop a planer bobber and send it to
do its duty -and it will-
Its the same as jugging because its floating at a fixed
depth with out a boat around. Its better than jugging cause you can control
where it goes and speed - Its the best because when a planer bobber goes
down hold on its on your rod
.like a jug gets bigger fish because there is not a boat
around and the big fish know what a boat is and swim away -Right over to your baited
planer bobber where they feed with out fear.- Jugs are at the mercy of the wind-your
planer is not- catfishing , it will never be the same. So lets get some nice catfishing with
new planer bobbers.
We sell planer
We sell planer
Buy a
astable Side
Bobber.  click
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June 7 th 2008 flood conditions
planer bobber action click this link
fathers day cat fishing
-dad gets a catfish on a
planer bobber
videos and
movies all planer
bobber fishing all
the time.  click
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SEE OUR FREE Catfishing
videos and movies all planer
bobber fishing all the time.  
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catfishing, awesome new planer bobber fishing for catfish. the worlds greatest
castable planer bobber catfishing site .The boat is ready and we will post our first
Catfishing results in a few days for the new  season Big catfishing bait should be no
problem with my new cast net   I can't wait to try it out    Hope the first cast is full of
shad  like a foot long                                                                                                                       
The biggest catfish of the year will be caught in shallow water now   They are fat and
full of worms and winter killed shad    Catfishing will be best in the north east sides of
most any water at this time of year  The bait is in the warmer water and the big catfish
will be there chasing and eating shad too                                                                                        
Let us know if you fish any of the fishing spots that we list here on our Catfishing site     
Bring a camera the spots we list are real good spots to get a huge catfish  
 Send us a
picture of your big catfish and we will put it up on the site asap    
I fish them all from
time to time catching big channel catfish  blue catfish and big flathead catfish    The
blue catfish come from the Ohio river                                                                                               
I'll be posting reports on our Ohio river trips too  as well as more Ohio river
honey holes    You might see the Catkiller drifting or trolling for catfish at any of these
spots because they are awesome catfishing holes and hold big catfish for sure    GOOD
Catfishing spots for bank fishing for big catfish is listed on this site too    We list some
easy to fish catfishing spots some are so easy and close you can fish from your car
and get huge catfish    
So no boat no problem catch some fish                                                 
                                                                           Ohio state parks have row boats and canoes
that they rent for a low fee like     Hargust lake in central Ohio also known as a w
marion Check to see the state parks that have boat rentals    THERE IS A LINK FOR
OHIO PAY LAKES HERE TOO                                                                                                                
    Try a planer bobber for
 They are easy to make and catch a lot of catfish you would miss too    The
castable side planing bobber is on a link on this page    You can build a side planer with
stuff you have around the house for free    A castable side planer board that will pull a
big bait and weight     Most nights the side planer takes most of our big catfish                  
                                                                                                                                     Catfishing bait
has a link on this page too     Get free bait for fishing with some simple tricks   Cast net
use is covered too    Get the best fresh baits for catfishing  catch big cat fish and see
side planer fishing  lets go cat fishing and catch a mess of fish with castable planer
bobbers  see ohio river catfishing  see lake catfishing  learn how to catch catfish
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