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Some times you catch little cats
on big bait. (As seen on the
left)  But a strange cat fact is
my largest Channel CAT about
25 pounds went for a little cut
chub about the size of a finger
and rigged on a float.
Daytime drifting scored
this float fed Catfish on
rod and reel. Set your
bait 3 to 4 feet down
over a 5 to 7 foot
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Catfishing Stories Page
Catkiller and
britney with
a jug caught
Deep Water Drifting --------------------------I Paddled along
looking for a drop off along a shear rock wall that angled straight
down into a  back bay area off alum creek. The Canoe quietly
slipped through the smaller coves. There were plenty of rocks and
trees that had fallen from the shear cliffs and into deep deep
water. I rigged a shad head on a slip sinker rig with a leader of two
feet. Dropping my baited hook to the bottom seemed like it took
forever (man this was deep) .
The sinker bounced the bottom with
a clicking feel that could only be solid rock
. I hopped the sinker to
get a fell of the layout on the Rocky bottom. Plenty of rocks and
some trees too. Easy to tell limbs  they felt as a pull and release
as the limbs moved with the weight. Four cranks of the rod handle
and a lift of three feet hold drop thump and lift and hold. Drift and
thump the sinker ticked is presents through the deep hole. Nothing
and nothing I kept drifting and pushing with the paddle , moving
and thumping the sinker along the boulder covered bottom . Man
the fishing was slow to night . My Brother and his son were also
fishing from their small boat Just in site and in shouting range
through canyon walls . Are you catching anything they shouted.
Thats when my rod just got lighter. It lifted up as if the line was
 I reeled down to the water dipped the tip of my rod into the
water and set the hook with a upward swing that was stopped in
mid stroke and then forcefully drove into in water . Yes, fish on,
fish on - nice one. The canoe moved slowly at first as we tested
each other in the darkness. The canoe was moving in a huge circle
at a pretty good clip when I heard Hey you got a trolling motor on
that thing? The other boat was rowing towards me and was
wondering why my canoe was scooting along while I had both hands
firmly gripping my rod
FISH ON FISH ON I yelled . They paddled
faster to see the action up close. The fish kept pulling me
helplessly along the canyon bay wall and straightened our course
towards to mouth of the bay. My rod was bowed hard and strained
with the steady pull of a giant. Out of the bay in to open water we
cruised .My brother rowed faster trying to keep up. They seemed
more excited than I was .I guess I was a little scared too. He
pulled some more circles turning sharply and diving towards the
bottom we had moved to even deeper water. He dove screaming
the drag and tipping the canoe wildly.
The canoe stopped moving.  
The stern started to tip down from his quick change of direction.
Then we started going backwards in to the cove again. I could feel
He was getting tired because I was able to gain about 5 quick
cranks on my reel and tighten my drag. Lift reel lift pump reel lift
.You could see up welling tail circles on the smooth surface as the
big fish made his last efforts to reach his happy home.
Wo-ho what a cat fish What a
Ride. They rowed along side as I lifted his head up with my rod so
the could see the shear size of this thing . I would estimate that
his weight was 15 to 20 pounds (could be more we didnt take him
out of the water). I just Pulled the hook out with a twist of my pliers
and he dove down with one last look at our world.
This fish above snapped our line on a rock or
We caught it about 20 min later. How do I know it
was the same fish?  He still had the hook and leader from
the line he snapped in his mouth. Same hook I use Just
sharpened too. Same fish. Caught on fathers day In alum
creek. Thats my Dad too on his first catfish trip with our
Bit O Sense Catfishing Tip a float will keep your bait moving to find
Catfish .Even from shore cast way out and reel in super slow. Catfish
will follow the sent of your drifting or reeling bait straight to the hook .
Your float will just vanish .Point your rod tip towards the fish reel the
line tight and set the hook,you just found a Channel Cat or he found
your sent trail.
Some times you can catch the same fish
over and over again
Heres how to catch deep water cats
AT Hoover Reserviour, Something kept hitting my boat one night. It would slam the side of the boat hard
it sounded like a small sledge hammer smacking the side of the boat. I thought it was bass pinning
minnows and shad to the hull . Then I saw one of the fish .Not a bass at all ,it was a Catfish it was on top
of the water following the sent trail from me reeling back to the boat to recast to trees and stumps that
my boat was drifting by. This one kept coming even when I shone a flashlight at it . He just kept coming
then he hit the boat and took off in a shower of tail splash that soaked the back of my boat. Then It
happened again but this one was way bigger. The light showed a large fin cutting the water like a shark ,
a big v wake spread behind the fin . I shone the light right at him . This was cool his eyes seemed to be
rolled back and he did not care about the light he followed the sent trail hit the boat whamm  and was
gone in a shower of water. Soon after here comes another one. This time I put a baited hook in front of it
. He took it and about pulled me in on the hook set. Then he soaked me and the whole boat . Put a bend
like a horse shoe in my surf rod,bruised my arms on the rail of the boat and got my heart racing . This
thing only tipped the scale at 10 pounds but man what force and power that close to the fish.  Drift or reel
just keep it moving they will find it. Put one rod in a holder and drift it. Cast one rod to stumps and trees
just like bass fishing. Slowly reel back and cast again to next spot, and keep drifting . No Wind? Use a
trolling motor or better still I catch more catfish on a no wind night by using my paddle to slowly move
the boat even though it's 18 feet with a cabin its easy to move slowly along to drift its noise less  You will
catch more and bigger Catfish like this .Good Luck!
The Worlds Greatest Fisherman. I Had some cast net fun late one night while bank fishing.
My cousin Freddy ran up to the car and left his rod on its catfish stick with the bail open. I made a
toss with my cast net to get some fresh bait and caught a huge carp and a couple shad. I quickly
reeled in Freddy's rod and hooked that big carp in the mouth with his hook and opened his bail
and let the carp swim. I sat back and waited for Fred to come back. He wandered over to his pole
and started to mumble how the CATFISHING sucked that night. Then he saw his line slowly
leaving his bail.
He jumped to his rod snapped the bail closed and began hook setting motions
that probably crossed that Carp's Eyes for a week.
After a brief fight he landed his fish and
danced jumped and sang all night what a great fisherman he was to catch this giant fish and that
we had only caught a few smaller Catfish. The funny thing is to this day he still swears he caught
that fish on his own even though two fellow fisherman sitting next to us told him the whole story.
My little girl caught this huge Channel Catfish On a little Snoopy fish rod with 4 pound test.
She wanted to fish with it and would not use our large catfishing rods.
 She wanted it rigged the same as our
rods with a float and a big shad head the size of my hand & a big J hook we did tie on a ten foot leader of 20
pound test to the end in hopes that it could help. Now this rod was Small flimsy and didnt have more than 40 feet
of line on her tiny reel.  I could not cast it because the weight would have snapped her line for sure. I Lowered the
shad head into the water and fed the line out as our boat slowly drifted along from a lite wind . After a short time
she started reeling and screaming for help. I assisted her and asked everyone in the boat to get their lines in
asap. Next we turned on the trolling motor full speed in the direction her little rod was pointing and tried to gain
back some much needed line to her reel.
The fish blasted the top of the water rolling and we swear it tail
walked twice. You could see the size of this thing in the moon light and everyone freaked .
This was the biggest
catfishing, fish of the night could we land it ?
He circled the boat a couple times then went straight for the boat motor
. We reeled up to the leader and I put on a leather glove and grabbed the thicker leader and held on using my arm
as a rod.  That fish pulled our 18 foot cabin boat about 50 feet before he tired out and we could hand line this
monster back to the boat. Took some photos and gave high fives all a round then put him back to thrill someone
else some time.                                     
SEE Her Giant Channel Catfish,in the photo below is a giant catfish.
Up the creek        While catfishing the Ohio River one night I was using my
Canoe to get my bait way out to a good spot by paddling out and dropping my line
then free spooling the line out back to the bank. I would slide the boat up on the
bank and got this idea to hold the boat from swinging in the current by sticking my
paddle in the mud about 2 feet from the bank on the down stream side of the
Canoe. Then I set my rod down and turned the clicker on sat back to wait on a fish
to bite. The clicker sang her song and I set the hook hard on a good catfish .Well
the Canoe slid off the bank and out into the swift muddy Ohio River . I watched
helpless as my paddle still stuck in the mud by the bank quickly vanished from site.
Thats My only paddle that I put in the boat that night. I opened the bail on my surf
rod and used it like a kayak paddle to reach shore though now I was a couple 100
yards down river. As soon as the Canoe slid up on Shore I flipped the bail closed
and reeled and reeled to get my line tight again .The rod bowed and almost pulled
the boat off the bank again (yes, he's still on) I fought him back to shore and
landed a nice Channel Catfish about 15 pounds. Then I had to pull my Canoe up the
bank and carry it back to my put in point where I fished a few more hours and
caught some nice Channels and a Flathead & 2 small Blue Catfish But I went back
to the truck and got my other paddle and put it in the boat (just in case).
This happy young angler on the left took her first
night catfishing trip with our crew.
She was drifting a
shad head on a bobber about 3 feet down. She said she could
be stuck or maybe had a fish on, I put my pole down and
asked to see her rod to check it.  I reeled a couple turn on the
handle and saw the line running out to the left side of the
boat. I swung like mighty Casey to set the hook on that
catfish again to be sure it was set. Wow what a fish she had
hooked this thing pulled like a ox headed to the barn at the
end of a short day. It pulled me down into the seat at the
stern and the boat started to slowly move in the direction of
the ox (catfish)  I eased off on the drag and gave the pole
back to our happy angler. She reeled and fought her ox for
some time and then she said it got off that it stopped pulling.
She reeled and reeled then her rod bowed hard  . This fish
was boat side. He almost pulled her in. There was splashing
screaming hollering shouting. And then it happened, The line
went slack the Big Catfish went to and found freedom under
our motors prop and cleanly severed the 20 pound leader and
was gone. The Next fish and her only one she landed that
night is shown on the left to the photo. Not the Giant but still a
respectable catch .      Fish on everyone fish on..  --------The
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My friend Rick and I were
fishing late one winter night
at lake Arlington in Texas.
It was a really cold night
and fishing was kind of
slow. So I got out my surf
rod and hooked a 5 inch
shad on and made a cast off
the right side of a rocky
point. After about two
hours of fishing without
much luck on the small rods
I went to check the bait on
the surf rod. As I reeled the
line tight it hood what I
thought was a snag.  So I
pulled hard but to my
suprise it pulled back with
such force it pulled me 15 ft
across the rocks toward the
water. I was so excited I
dug my heals in and
regained my ground and
turned to my friend Rick
and calmly said I think I
have a fish?  Can you check
it for me? He stared at me
with a puzzled look and
grumbled under his breath
about how I was a grown
man and needed to tend to
my own rods.  But with a
smile I insisted and handed
him the rod.  Still grumbling
he reluctantly took the reel
and was pulled forward
several feet and started
shouting I think you do
have a fish. AS we took
turns fighting this monster
a police helicopter noticed !
a struggle on the ground a
shined it spot on us the
entire time we fought to
land this fish.  After a long
battle we finally pulled in a
yellow Catfish with a head
that was almost a foot
wide. But that was all we
would get to see as the
leader snapped and the
monster returned to the
cold depths.  Rick and I
looked at each other shook
hands and waved at the
helicopter for helping us as
it flew away.  This might be
a hard story to swallow but
I swear every word is true.

Jim Kavanagh