Todays Catch Saturday April 21 2007                           
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Catfishing,Our first trip of 2007 was awesome with some nice big catfish, caught.I got to try
out the castable side planer I just built a few days ago. The picture of it is in the planer
bobber page. This one is a port side planer board for catfishing.                                                  
                                                        The first cat fish bent our rod shortly after we got both rods
out . It was a bobber rig but not my side planer. While we were reeling it in the planer board
rod bent over and started screaming drag before we even saw the first fish .Yes a double
header. Couple of nice catfish took pictures and let them go. Then it happened wow the
starboard rod started to buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzz--- I set the hook and yelled for a taker from
the cabin. My little 7 year old came to the battle. And with some help she caught  -- we
called it a pig  here it is below .It weighed over 12 pounds.
Here s the double header one above and one below.
The fishing just kept getting better. We only used two rods. One bobber set 3 feet down.
And my new catfishing, planer board on a 9 foot rod to help keep line out of the water for
the board. The new planer worked great it scored some nice catfish. Even at a slow drift the
planer bobber stayed about 24 to 30 feet to the left of our boat. we were moving about less
than half a mile per hour most of the time.  the finale score was us 11 --  them 2 - them
being the catfish, two catfish, got away at the boat side before we could get a picture .
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Heres the pig at boatside.How does
she do it. She has caught more big
catfish than I ever dreamed of,
Catfishing at its best everyone
----fish on.
I only used two rods this night. We could have fished with 6 rods. Can you imagine how many we would
have got with 6 rods. The action was fast and explosive.I set the drag at about 3 pounds - and set the
rods in a rod holder one in a drink holder (they work great)  ..With side planers I can fish more rods and
get more fish and less tangles. I am going to make some castable side planers that dont pull as far or as
hard and fish them between the straight bobbers and the planers .Another cool catfishing, idea from
catkiller and crew.
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